"Sparrow Phase", 2014 (composer)

"Please Choreograph a Piece for Me That Involves No Dancing", 2020 (composer, perfomer)

an orchestral composition for choreography with 4 haikus (by Kobayashi Issa, Matsuo Bashō, Nakagawa Otsuyu) featuring passerine characters, serving as libretto; for shakuhachi, percussion, bass trombone, tuba, trumpet, oboe, cello, violin, viola, bells, mixed choir.

a collaboration with a dancer Olga Scherbakova, who's performing an invisible dance: only to be heard and not seen, a piece for a guitar, synthesizer, a speaker and an invisible dancer.

"Gary, Barry, Larry and countess of Noral" (co-writer)

"ada ardor - Dream Trance" (co-writer, songwriter)

Mass Project (composer, performer)

Chkbns (2011 - 2021) songwriter, singer, guitar-player, co-arranger, co-producer

"19792019", 2019 (artist, performer)

virtual audiovisual performance: retyping of a page from Keith Harring's diary in real time, on the calendrically same day of the year 40 years later, letting his own typos mix with the performer's, building a rope bridge between times, geographical spaces and cultural contexts.

Mass project was born while at artistic research residency at Metal, Liverpool. In an attempt to create a fluid adaptable score for channeling a point of intersection of given space and time.

Mass1 - Liverpool 11/19

Metal, Liverpool, UK 11/19
Stockroom, Kazimier Garden, Liverpool, UK 06/11/19
Andrew PM Hunt, Kate Hazeldine, Nina Franklin, Jon Davies, James Canty, Andrew Ellis
Supported by:
Metal (Liverpool), British Council, Rush, PRS for Music Foundation & Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russian Embassy

->view instructional score

Gdeto - 392 Happy Tales Before The End of The, 2020 (composer, performer)

started as a concentration exercise of composing a piece while bearing in mind strictly 1 phrase, and choosing instrumentation and structure accordingly, filtering away decoration and stylism as fiercely as possible.

now euthanised, the band performed at KEXP, SXSW, The Great Escape, Reeperbahn and released a debut longplay record that got noticed by the likes of NPR, The Clash, Louder Than War and Quietus for its ‘hard-edged etherealism’, ‘lush widescreen melancholy’, ‘ghostly introspection’ and ‘hypnotising vocals’.

children's literature published in Aneliya's native Russian and in translation (2014-2018), "philosophical and open-ended".

12 miniatures written for an independent London music publisher Frisson in 2022. Includes a dedication to Myiagra Freycineti aka the Guam flycatcher, last seen in 1983 (Extinct), and a musical portrait sketch of an actress Tatiana Drubich (Tatiana).

an animated story attempting to trace some of the causes of violence. A monkey cancels a cat, and the cat finds itself on a journey across the monkey's inflamed subconscious upon lifting a lid on top of the monkey's head. a collaboration with a visual artist le___capucin.

Gdeto - A Message from October, 2022 ( composer, performer, mixer, electronics, guitar, vocals)